Compressor Safety Valve

Air compressor safety valve categories of spring and rod type. Besides, there are impulse relief valve, Pilot Actuated Safety Valve, safety switching valve, safety relief valve, dead weight safety valve and others. Spring type safety valve driven by the force of the spring, and it divided into sealed and non-sealed types. The usual flammable, explosive or toxic medium should select the sealed valves, steam or inert gas can select the non-sealed type, there are spring-type safety valves with a wrench or without. The lever safety valve works mainly by the weight of the lever, but the large size of the lever safety valve often limits the using scope. Choose the safety valve with a radiator when the temperature is high.

Working Principle of Air Compressor Safety Valve

When the medium pressure in the air compressor or pipe increases beyond the specified value, the medium will be discharged out of the system through special valves to prevent the pressure of the pipe or equipment from exceeding the specified value. When the control pressure does not exceed the specified value, it can play an essential role in protecting the air compressor operation and personal safety.

Air Compressor Safety Valve Function

To ensure the safe use of pressure pipeline and pressure vessel. To guarantee the work of the safety valve and prolong its service life, the user should regularly check for leakage and observe phenomenon such as jam and spring corrosion, as well as the adjustable screws, lock nuts and adjust the tightness if there are any loose. Appropriate maintenance measures should take in time when problems found. The safety valve should also be removed regularly for comprehensive cleaning, inspection and re-grinding, refixing before reuse. Should take appropriate protective measures on the safety valve installed outdoors to prevent rain, fog, dust, rust and other dirt into the safety valve and the exhaust pipeline. When the environmental temperature is too low, it should also take necessary anti-freezing measures to ensure the reliability of the safety valve operation.