Oil-free Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor

UDL Series

Working Pressure 7.5-8.6 [bar] 109-125 [psig]
Free Air Delivery 7.7-12.6 [m3/min] 272-445 [cfm]
Working Power 55-240 [kw] 74-332 [hp]

Introducing the UDL Series Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors: a revolutionary solution for clean, oil-free compressed air. Utilizing two screw rotors to compress air, these cutting-edge compressors then pass the air through a water-air separator, effectively removing water content.

Designed without oil injection cooling, the UDL Series compressors efficiently cool compressed air using a pre-cooler, intercooler, and aftercooler, ensuring optimal outlet temperatures. Moreover, our high-performance shaft seal prevents lubricating oil leakage into the compressed air, achieving true oil-free performance.

Upgrade your operations with the UDL Series Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors and experience the benefits of clean, oil-free compressed air. Boost efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and protect the environment with this state-of-the-art compressor technology.

Why Choose UCS Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor

High Efficiency and Energy Saving

·       Hitachi technology – a better explanation of the logical function of energy saving.

·       TUV Certified Class 0

The Optimized Operating System

·       A FEATURE-RICH ITCS controller makes the operation more labour-saving and time-saving. A simple connection allows for joint control of 2 air compressors.

·       Multiple Air compressors are centrally controlled through several controllers.

Thermosetting Coating

The surface of the rotor and the inner wall of the air end housing is coated with the thermosetting coating of molybdenum disulfide. Which effectively prevent corrosion and reduce internal leakage by controlling the clearance.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance and long interval cycle.

Caring for The Environment

Oil mist cleaner as standard configuration can relieve the pressure inside the gearbox and ensure the cleanness of the workshop.

Low Noise

Pulsating noise reduction and improved sound quality.

Industry Applications

Food and Beverage Industry

The high-temperature compression environment of the oil-free air compressors reduces the content of microorganisms in the compressed air. Besides, no oil is brought into the entire compression process, which significantly reduces the risk of food and beverage products contamination in the production process.

Food and Beverage Industry.png

The Pharmaceutical Industry

The demanding pharmaceutical industry uses 100 per cent oil-free compressed air throughout its manufacturing process. The quality of compressed air is an essential part of GMP certification.


The Pharmaceutical Industry.png

The Chemical Industry

For applications in the chemical industry, high purity compressed air must be used at every step of the process, from the first step of the production process to the semi-finished products and the final product formation, to minimize the risk of stop-production.

The Chemical Industry.png

The Power Industry

The quality of the compressed air is critical and must not neglect. When compressed air applies to the instrument of the power system, most designers will choose an oil-free air compressor.


The Power Industry.jpeg

Core Strengths of UCS Compressor

Hitachi Designs

Dry compression as no lubricating oil in the compression chamber, and the compressed air is 100% oil-free. The shaft sealing ring is stainless-steel which does not generate carbon dust.

Employ Hitachi Designs and Manufactures Independently.png

Hitachi Air End

Imported original Hitachi air end to ensure high quality and high performance.

Hitachi Air End.png

Efficient Two-Stage Compression

The lowered specific power of the two-stage compression improves the cooling performance, reduces the internal compression management, increases performance by 5-10%.

Efficient Two-Stage Compression.png

Dry Oil-Free Technology

Since UCS oil-free screw air compressor came into the market, more than 100,000 pairs of oil-free rotors have been produced and applied to all walks of life, primarily pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics and those industries with high requirements for compressed air quality.