Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

UW Series

Working Pressure 8-10 [bar] 116-145 [psig]
Free Air Delivery 0.2-3.6 [m3/min] 7-127 [cfm]
Working Power 2.2-33 [kw] 3-44 [hp]

Introducing the Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor from UCS, a revolutionary compressor designed to deliver pure, oil-free compressed air for your most critical applications. With an innovative design featuring static and moving vortex disks operating in a plane with a small radius, the compressor forms multiple closed, crescent-shaped compression cavities for efficient air compression.

As the air is drawn into the working chamber, it is progressively compressed by the subsequent crescent-shaped compression chambers, ultimately being discharged from the outlet at the center of the static vortex disk. The result is high-quality, oil-free compressed air, perfect for use in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, printing, chemicals, precision spraying, and more.

Upgrade your operations with the cutting-edge Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor from UCS, and experience the benefits of pure, contaminant-free compressed air. Boost productivity, ensure product quality, and enhance the efficiency of your processes with this advanced, eco-friendly compressor solution.

The Working Principle of Scroll Compressor

  • Air draws in through an inlet located on the outer side of the static vortex disk.
  • The air enclosed in the compression chamber is compressed toward the centre by a chamber reduction driven by the rotational motion.
  • The compression space is the smallest at the centre, and the highly compressed air is extruded outward through the vent at the centre.
  • 1 – 3 (inhalation > compression > exhaust) motion action is repeated.

Reliable and Stable

  • The vortex disc of the scroll compressor works at high temperature due to lack of lubricating oil during operation. The Neo involute tooth profile technology developed by Hitachi has well solved the problem of vortex disk thermal deformation at high temperature and virtually ensured the reliability of the scroll compressor.
  • Bearings with High-reliability surface treatment.

Low Vibration and Low Noise

Optimized scroll compressor cabinet design by Hitachi, low noise close to the library environment. (3.7KW model, noise value is only 47dB[A])

Easy Maintenance

  • Medium-term maintenance cycle extended to five years or 12500 hours from the original four years or 10000 hours.

* The maintenance cycle for the 1.0MPa pressure compressor is still four years or 10,000 hours.

  • By adding oiling port, can fill up oil grease without removing the scroll disk of the scroll compressor. Simplify the maintenance process.

Energy Saving Under Multi-Compressor Compound Control

  • Based on the P mode control, added multi-compressor compound control, which allows switching between two unites.
  • Under the multi-compressor compound control mode, it automatically controls the number of compressors running according to the intake air consumption, the compressor operation simplifies while the required air pressure guaranteed.

P Mode Control

Same as the pressure switch mode, when the maximum pressure reached, the compressor stops running. When the resume pressure reached, the compressor starts again.

Multi-Compressor Compound Control

Compressor exhaust pressure automatically controlled around the required pressure (control pressure). Avoid power consumption for reaching the unnecessary maximum pressure, thus achieving energy-saving.

Function Behind

Several scroll compressors linked together if one of the units fails the rest still can guarantee the continuous air supply.

*The air exhaust will be smaller than the standard specification.

Optimized Cabinet Design

  • Save installation area.
  • Low vibration and low noise.