Air Compressor Oil Filter

Air compressor oil filter separates the smallest particles such as dust and particles arising from the wear of the metal and so protect the air compressors screw and extending the service life of lubricant oil and separators.


UCS compressor oil filter selects HV brand ultra-fine glass fibre composite filter or pure wood pulp filter paper as raw Materia. This improved filter replacement has excellent waterproof and is resistant to corrosion; it still maintains the original performance when mechanical, thermal and climate changes.

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The pressure-resistant shell of the fluid filter can accommodate the fluctuated working pressure between compressor loading and unloading.

High-grade rubber seal ensures that the connection part is tight and won’t leak.

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Air Compressor Oil Filter Specifications:

Filtration Precision :5μm-25μm

Service life: ≥ 2000h

Bypass valve opening pressure: 2.5Bar