Single-stage Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor

UD Series

Working Pressure 7-12.5 [bar] 102-181 [psig]
Free Air Delivery 0.69-28.5 [m3/min] 24-1006 [cfm]
Working Power 5.5-160 [kw] 7-215 [hp]

Experience the power and reliability of UCS Single-stage Fixed-Speed Screw Compressors, expertly designed to cater to a wide array of industrial, manufacturing, and other applications with unmatched performance and dependability. These robust compressors thrive in demanding environments, including automotive assembly lines, woodworking facilities, and construction sites, where they effectively power pneumatic tools and machinery.

Additionally, our single-stage fixed-speed screw compressors are ideal for powering air separation units, conveying materials in food and beverage processing plants, and supporting various processes in general manufacturing. Trust UCS compressors to deliver unwavering performance, durability, and energy efficiency, even in the toughest conditions.

Upgrade your operations with UCS Single-stage Fixed-Speed Screw Compressors and enjoy the benefits of a strong, reliable, and versatile compressed air solution tailored to meet your specific requirements.

High-Efficiency Energy-Saving Air End

· the air compression industry highly recognizes UCS air end with its sophisticated design and precision manufacturing.

· By adopting large diameter and the balanced length-diameter ratio of the screw rotors, the optimized design based on the new 4th generation rotor moulded line subjected to higher-efficiency, so that the contact surface, contact line, leak triangle and hydrodynamic characteristics of rotors could reach the optimal performance, further improved the volume efficiency. This screw rotor then has high adiabatic efficiency and low power consumption.

·       By using imported large-sized heavy-duty bearing and unique bearing layout while ensuring the bearing rigidity, the bearing capacity is much improved, service life lengthened, and its high reliability could keep even under the extreme condition.

·       The lip type shaft seal of the spiral groove fits with the shaft sleeve made of high-grade bearing steel, ensuring the wear resistance of the shaft seal and shaft sleeve. The shaft seal has a pumping function with high reliability and leakage resistance.


Cabinet Structure Design

The cabinet structure is divided into cooling and heating chambers which means better heat dissipation. All the functional components are located in the cooling section to extend service life.


The rational layout design obtained a national patent integrating the electrical mechanism, making it easy to operate and install without foundation on the site. Inside, the cooling and heating chambers do not affect each other and expand the internal space of the cabinet. The optimized internal air circulation ensures comprehensive cooling of all functional components, extending their service lives. On the outside, the closed type removable cabinet with built-in high-quality fire retardant and sound insulation sponges reduces noises effectively.


This structure design meets the environmental protection requirements and is easy to service.


Vulnerable Part

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration:

Heavy-duty air filtration system powered by Donaldson USA, with filtration accuracy up to 99.9% for particles greater than 3μm. Suitable for all kinds of heavy dust environments.


Oil Filter:

Donaldson oil filters, high grade of clean filtration, effectively protect the safe operation of the air end bearing, extend the service life of the air end.


Oil and Air Separation System:

Euro design efficient oil and air separation core, glass fibre filter material, long life, more efficient, no need for frequent replacement. The aggregate separation core and the oil return device work together, recover and recycle the lubricating oil effectively, avoid oil over-spraying, and ensure the compressor exhaust’s oil content is ≤2ppm.


All New Temperature Control and Oil Filter Combination Valves

This patent awarding design integrates the temperature control and oil filter valves, making the internal piping connection more concise and fewer leakage points that reduce the occurrence rate of fault. More importantly, it further decreases the pressure drop, achieves more energy-saving, and avoids obstacles like tube vibration fracture and leakage in the separated installation of the oil filter base and temperature control value.


Temperature Control Valve

Powered by AMOT of the UK

Accurately controls the oil return temperature at 65°C. If the oil return temperature is too high, the oil film will damage and results in oil deteriorate, cooling and sealing degradation, also quickly to carbon deposit; if the oil temperature is too low, the water will separate from the air, and the oil will emulsify and deteriorate, affecting the service life of the air end. Therefore, the temperature control value is the critical assurance of the stable operation of our compressor.


EPC Intelligent Control System

UCS Compressors equipped with an Electronic Pressure Controller (EPC) to guarantee the automatic intelligent operation of the machine. By examining exhaust pressure, temperature and other sensor data, the inlet valve controls the exhaust pressure between the upper and lower limits of the preset pressure to output stable pressure. When the compressor idling too long, the system will automatically shut down and restart when the air supply is requested, not only outputting constant pressure but also reaching the energy saving. Meanwhile, the system may rapidly diagnose all field faults during the operating process, furthest ensuring the reliable operation of the compressor and extending the service life.

Local Control

·       The display language in English and Chinese, soft-touch buttons, and the menu operation are intuitive, rapid and convenient.

·       User may preset and control the delay time of star-delta switching, starting, loading, shutdown, overpressure and others during the operation.

·       Allow users to view and manage field faults.

·       User may store and search history faults through classified types and occurrence times.

·       Internal calendar with accurate timing and allow adjustment.

·       User may accumulate and store the operating time, loading time, unloading time, and filter service time.

·       User may check all preset parameters and cumulative time at any time during operation.

·       User may modify and store parameters to preset when required.

Linkage Control

Users may set 1 compressor as the Master unit and others as the Slave or standby units (maximum 16 units), which constitute a linkage control of multiple compressors.

An EPC is employed to assure the economic and stable air supply by automatically adjusting each compressor’s start/stop sequence and balancing each compressor’s accumulated working time.

Remote Control

The distributed control system (DCS) remotely controls the startup, shutdown, fault output and early warning signal through passive dry contacts.

Master Computer Control

·       The master computer remotely interlock controls two or more compressors, collects and displays field signals, coordinates control and computer operation. By setting master computer parameters, the user may obtain the comprehensive management of the compressor units at any time to receive stable compressed air within the set pressure range.

·       Acquire and display much field data

·       Vivid graphical interfaces

·       Monitoring the operating status of equipment

·       Records essential data to the database

·       Automatically generate data history report for later analysis

·       Setting of operating parameters of the compressor controller

·       Trend curves of pressure, temperature and other parameters

·       Real-time and history alarm

·       The operating is permissions secured. Require password to essential operations.

·       Single compressor unit test

·       Maintenance or replacement reminder of vulnerable compressor parts

Master Computer Control.jpg

* UCS COMPRESSOR provides a variety of PLC system centralized control schemes according to the actual needs of users, effectuates man-machine interface through IPC, LCD and configuration software, and communicates with DCS in the user system to remote monitoring, which has the advantages of multi unites control and independent solid development ability.

Patent Protection

By continually investing in R&D, the product development and new technology application pace accelerated. At present, UCS has registered near 100 national patents covering the critical technology and integrated layout of compressor and integration improvement of parts. These patents address a range of compressor problems, such as internal temperature rise and maintenance difficulties under different operating conditions. Through the unique design and integration, the equipment can better meet the use requirements and services, in line with environmental protection requirements, fully demonstrating the excellent quality of products.

Quality Assurance

In 2003, UCS Compressor was accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificates. The company strictly follows the quality requirement of Crosby’s “doing it right the first time”, persists in the working standard of “zero defect”, regards the “It is immoral to produce a defective product” as the criteria of measuring the quality. UCS devotes itself to the continuous improvement of products all the time.