Single-stage VPM (VFD+PM) Screw Air Compressor

UD-VPM Series

Working Pressure 7-10 [bar] 102-145 [psig]
Free Air Delivery 1.65-70.3 [m3/min] 58-2483 [cfm]
Working Power 11-355 [kw] 15-476 [hp]


Introducing the UCS UD-VPM low-power series: our state-of-the-art low-power permanent magnet variable speed screw air compressors. CE certified and designed for optimal efficiency, these compressors offer a speed range of 40%-100% and a power range of 5.5-55kW, all within a pressure range of 0.7-1.0MPa.

By leveraging advanced VFD technology, the UD-VPM series precisely controls torque and temperature across a wide range of speeds, ensuring optimal performance for your compressed air needs. Combined with our innovative Vector Frequency control technology, these compressors deliver exceptional electromagnetic torque control, resulting in highly efficient frequency conversion, low temperature operation, and significant energy consumption savings.

Upgrade your compressed air system with the UCS UD-VPM series and experience the benefits of cutting-edge compressor technology. Boost efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and optimize your operations with our powerful, reliable, and environmentally friendly compressors.